RDS generator

RDE 11

Radio Data System Encoder This top level apparatus can be easely coupled with almost any stereoencoder and transmitter. Hereunder the most significant specifications: excellent spectral purity, internal synchronization with 19kHz stereo pilot tone either externally supplied or recovered by the multiplex signal, phase adjustable at 0 or 90°, 2 pages switchable and PC programmable message, internal clock, software included. The system fulfills the various requirements needed by systems for the transmission of additional data on radio programs, namely: compatibility with the main program, mono and stereo; absense of interference on adjacent FM channels; potentially better coverage area compared to mono transmissions; compatible with other identification system, already in service.

It can be used either with the internal multiplex mixer or applied to the RDS or AUX input of a stereo transmitter or encoder, provided with. In both cases stereo separation in excess of 70dB and S/N ratio >80dB are still possible, due to its unusually high quality.

Technische gegevens

Coding Differential or biphase
Modulation DSB with suppressed carrier
Frequency 57 KHz
Bandwidth +/- 2,4 KHz
Phase 0 / 90°
RDS signal output level 0 - 700 mVpp
19 KHz INPUT  
Impedance > 100 Kohm
Impedance 10 Kohm
Connector BNC
MPX + RDS OUTPUT unbalanced, AC coupled
Output impedance 47 ohm
Serial interface RS232-C, asynchronous
Data input Full duplex
Format Fixed 11 bits None, 8, 2
Transmission speed selectable 2400 - 19200 baud
Connector 25 pin subminiature cannon female
Power supply 110 - 220 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 12 VA
Dimensions 48,3 x 24 x 4,4 cm - 19" 1 unit rack
Weight 2,8 Kg
Operation temperature 0 - 50°C

RDS programs transmitted
PI (Program Identifier)
EON (Enhanced Other Network)
PS (Program Service Name)
FT (Fast Tuning)
TP (Traffic Program)
LIC (Language Identifier)
TA (Traffic Announcement)
PTYN (Program Type Name)
AF (Alternative Frequency)

ECC (Extended Country Code)

PTY (Program Type)
LI (Linkage Identifier)
RT (Radiotext)
TMC (Traffic Message Channel)
CT (Clock Timer)
PIN (Program Item Number)
M/S (Music-Speech)
TDC (Transparant Data Channel)
DI (Decoder Identifier)
IH (In House Application)

All the broadcasters data are stored in the RDE11 memory via a PC program. Programming via satellite is a remarkable, novel feature, which make RDE11 unique.
All the local RDS data are programmed via the transmitting satellite's (uplink) serial port. Data can be programmed separately, one by one, by connecting serial port to the satellite receiver (down link).



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