The Airmate console was designed to fulfill the need for a low cost radio production mixer.
Built around well proven low noise circuitry, this console is a reliable workhorse for the efficient self-op production D.J.
Eight triple input modules in a 19" rack mounted R.F. shielded heavy duty steel chassis opens up a rarely encountered flexibility.
Line B can accept a plug in R.I.A.A. equalized phono pre-amp on every module, when necessary.
Every module has a balanced mic input with phantom power as standard.
The On switch on the front panel is wired in series with the fader start switch to either select a fader start or a hard ON start.
Fader start is active on both the mic and Line mode of the module.
The start jack connector is wired to a completely isolated sealed reed relay for perfect interfacing with all sorts of equipment
A level restricted 3 band equalizer smoothly corrects frequency problems.
The Aux send is either pre or post fader jumper able on the PCB's.
On the mic input signal path is a jumper to activate a high cut filter for better intelligibility on speech.
The input channels have control lines for "Mic-on" signaling and a clean feed audio buss to drive external Telephone Hybrids.


Apart from the usual master controls such as a stereo master fader, Aux send and return, Monitor master with "follow phones" and a Phones output with split control,
there is a special Radio On-air/production section in the Airmate.
Features such as "self-op" switching to automatically cut-off control room level when the D.J. mic is active are standard.
A Clean feed output drives Telephone hybrids for talk shows and interviews.
There is a special Announcer output that normally follows the main output but can be switched to follow phones, so the main output can be heard or any Cue signal that is selected, when in the "follow Phones" mode.
There is a built in highly sensitive electret Talkback microphone for easy communication to the Clean feed , Aux and Announcer outputs. A large Talkback switch makes communication very comfortable.

The Airmate was designed to be the centerpiece of local radio production work rooms.
In many cases this could be your home! Its directly understandable features makes it the ideal companion to quickly put together radio programs on the spot.
We think that this small and reliable 19" rack mixer will certainly find its way to many production rooms.
It could even be used as an ON-Air mixer for low budget operations, whereby the mixer would never be obsolete when larger scale mixers are installed in the studio to replace the Airmate.
Think about this before you spend your budget.
The Airmate was designed to be your problem solver when the "big" mixers are fully booked.
If you do require further information please do not hesitate to contact one of our offices or send a email.


Mic input balanced 2 kOhm.

Mic noise -122 dBr (A-weighted).

Sensitivity: -70dB min, 0dB maximum.

Line inputs: unbalanced, 10kOhm, Cinch gain range 40dB.

Phono inputs: unbalanced, 47kOhm, 1-10 mV.

2 Track return: -10dBv at 10kOhm.

Aux return: -10dBv at 10kOhm.


Frequency response 10-60.000 Hz (+/- 0.5dB).

Distortion: <0.009% max at 1 kHz.

Dimensions: 483x356x95 mm ( 8HE ) .

Weight: 9 kg.


Left/Right/Monitor/Aux: +4dBu (1.55volt) at 47 Ohm.

Tape output: -10dBv at 1kOhm.

Headphone: 400-600 Ohm, 500mW.


High: +/- 12 dB at 12kHz shelving curve.

Mid: +/- 12 dB at 1 kHz bell curve.

Low: +/- 12 dB at 60 Hz bell curve.

RED LIGHT Stereo jack connector to intern relay

Center Contact = Tip

Normally Closed = Shield

Normally Open = Ring




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