Triple cavity band-pass filter for FM band.
Suitable to cut spurious signals or to realize star type or directional combining filters.

They produces a complete line of FM band pass filters (from 0;1 kW to 35 kW)
The specific purpose of band pass filter is cutting off all the frequencies except the one tuned on the filter with the lowest insertion loss.
The basic configuration of our filters consists of two cylindrical cavities interconnected by an inductive coupling. The above mentioned cylindrical geometry improves the efficiency and the thermal stability, and allows to add, in modular way, other cavities to the basic configuration, to have filters with three or more cavities.
The tuning rods are built using Invar, a special alloy with a very low thermal expansion. All the filters have the fine tuning, and all the components have a surface treatment, to improve the electrical efficiency and the reliability in the lifetime.
Special arrangement, according to Customer's requirements can be designed.
For their efficiency our equipments aren't in want of forced cooling or radiators.

Technische gegevens

Frequency range 87,5 - 108 MHz
Temperature range -10 - +50 C
V.S.W.R. <= 1.1 : 1
Impedance 50 ohm



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