Power combiner

WCO 1001

FM 87,5 - 108 MHz

FM 1kW

WCO 1001 is a solid state, Wilkinson type broadband power combiner, which includes an input low-power splitter, output high-power combiner, input and output full power rated balance loads, output power meter and system power-on switch.
While it may be used with a variety of solid state FM amplifiers up to 600W, provided they are identical and broadband, it is specially designed for SIEL's RFB501, a 500W amplifier, with which it mates aestetically and electrically, producing a nominal 1kW output over most of the FM band, with minimal or no adjustments. The combiner can be a part of a system of devices able to run automatically the system or to be remotely run in event of failures of a  part of the system.

All the components needed to couple the external amplifiers are contained in the WCO1001, including full power unbalance loads and cables.
No external device is required for matching RFB501 amplifiers, provided they are factory selected. Being an isophase combiner, there is no danger of balance load damage if the input or the output cables are invertedin the same couple, as may happen with 3-dB combiners.Full active reserve systems with competitive price vs. integrated 1kW amplifiers may be easily constructed An output power meter which displays forward, reflected and unbalanced power and an internal RF sampler permit a convenient system check.

Aantal Versterkes
Max input vermogen
Nominaal vermogen
2 x 500 W
1 kW
3 x 1 kW
3 kW
2 x 2,5 kW
5 kW
3 x 2 kW
6 kW



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